Town offers flags to Pease Greeters
By Angeljean Chiaramida
SEABROOK — The 50 stars on the American flag represent each state of the union, but to the members of the military who stop at Portsmouth's Pease International Tradeport on their way to or from the Middle East, the stars have taken on a new meaning...
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American Red Cross Host "Heroes Breakfast"

The Great Bay Chapter of the American Red Cross, at its 7th Annual Heroes Breakfast, honored the Pease Greeters of Portsmouth, NH on Nov. 5th, 2009. Accepting the honor for the dedicated veterans, men and women who meet and greet our brave soldiers as they deploy to overseas assignments and who return home after their mission is complete is Captain Ed Johnson, Director, a former Marine who served in Korea.

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The monument that bears the names of New Hampshire servicemen killed in the Global War on Terrorism since Sept. 11, 2001, showed eight names newly added.
Cpl. Scott G. Dimond, Army, of Franklin, Maj. Brian M. Mescall Army, of Exeter, Pvt. Chipper T. Rogers, Army, Keene, Cpl. Michael W. Ouellette Marine Corps, of Manchester, Spc. Adam M. Kuligowski Army, of Derry, Staff Sgt., Edmond L. Lo, Army, of Salem, Sgt. Michael C. Roy, Marine Corps, of Candia, Spc. Justin R. Pellerin,Army, of Boscawen
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donations at JoAnne's house
Pease Greeters teams with businesses to keep packages moving

The Pease Greeters know people are facing a tough economy so they are working even harder to secure donations to keep care packages headed overseas to troops serving all over the world.
A wing of the Pease Greeters began teaming up to collect donations and ship hundreds of boxes of supplies to troops serving in Afghanistan, Iraq, Kuwait and Germany. Read the story

For 2008, Foster's has picked the Pease Greeters as the Newsmaker of the Year.
Sunday, December 28, 2008
The Greeters have made a significant contribution to life in our region.
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Bush honors 'Pease Greeters' in White House
Boston Globe - Mar 10, 2008 AP Writer / March 10, 2008. CONCORD, NH—President Bush met Monday with members of the "Pease Greeters" at the White House, honoring them for their attention ...
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Pease Greeters teach us about true patriotism

Portsmouth Herald News - Jun 13, 2007
The ranks of the Pease Greeters grow with every event they host. Over the past few years, they have hosted 105 greeting celebrations for serving military ...
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Hampton Falls Girl Scouts greeted by Pease Greeters
Portsmouth Herald News - Mar 11, 2008
By Sheila Tanguay. HAMPTON FALLS —
As part of their annual cookie sales this year, Area Girl Scouts took orders for cookies to be delivered to US troops.
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Greeters' teach us about true patriotism

Portsmouth Herald News - Jun 19, 2007
The ranks of the Pease Greeters grow with every event they host. ... The “welcome home” and “thank you”
aims of the Pease Greeters are simple, ...
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When troops land in NH, greeters show support
Nashua Telegraph - Mar 2, 2008
Ed Johnson, leader of the Pease Greeters, shakes hands with Mark Eby,Pease Greeters is an organization that was started three years ago to welcome back.

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North Hampton resident a fixture as Pease Greeter
Portsmouth Herald News - Jul 10, 2007
By Nancy Rineman. NORTH HAMPTON — For many years, John Savastano of North Hampton has been a fixture among surfing enthusiasts at "The Wall," as it's called..

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Thank You to Pease Greeters

Portsmouth Herald News - Mar 14, 2008
They've received congratulations from the king of Norway and the hearty thanks from military personnel passing through Portsmouth either returning from or ...

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McCain returns to NH, scene of key triumphs
Boston Globe - Mar 13, 2008
"He may not be as eloquent a speaker as all of them," said Dennis
Lauze, a 56-year-old member of the Pease Greeters from Strafford, NH
"But he cares." ...
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Breakfast with the Pease Greeters
Portsmouth Herald News - Dec 20, 2007 By Ron Tomanio and Greg Major. Only we didn't know we were going to attend a breakfast meeting with the Pease Greeters. We thought we were going to ...
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Pease Greeter, 78, earns Marine of Year
Portsmouth Herald News - May 11, 2008 Edmund Johnson of Rye has been named Marine of the Year, New England Division. Johnson is one of the founders of the Pease Greeters.Deb Cram photo ...
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Vietnam vet Larry Aiello gives back as a Pease Greeter
Portsmouth Herald News - Sep 6, 2007
By Ron Tomanio and Greg Major. More than 40 years ago Vietnam veteran
Larry Aiello came home. There were no marching bands, no crowd of well wishers.
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500 gather to welcome home troops

Portsmouth Herald News - Jul 6, 2007
About 500 Pease Greeters welcome members of the US Navy Mobile Inshore ...
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Foster's Daily Democrat - Jan 19, 2008
At our Pease Greeters annual Christmas party, I observed his commanding presence and ... And last but not least, the Pease Greeters provide an incalculable ...
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Rye students thank vets
Portsmouth Herald News - Nov 9, 2007 RYE — Ed Johnson, chairman of the Pease Greeters and commandant
of the local ... The Pease Greeters are "the surrogate family" for military servicemen and ...
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Foster's Daily Democrat - Nov 5, 2007
Members of Pease Greeters suspended the 48-star standard flag from the ceiling
of the airport and encased it in plexi-glass for protection. ...
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