Frequently Asked Questions By Pease Greeters.

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What do I need to do to be a Greeter
I represent a large group.  Would we be welcome
Is this experience family oriented
   What is the newcomers briefing
How do I know when a flight is arriving (Due to security we are unable to show this)
What is Flight Alert Channel and how do I subscribe
What if I change my eMail address.  How do I change Flight Alert
   May I forward my Flight Alerts to my friends
My Flight Alert messages are not reaching my inbox.  What can I do
   Do I need to bring anything to the airport
How do I make a donation to the Pease Greeters Fund
I represent a business or corporation, how may I offer my company's services
When is it appropriate to enjoy the refreshments at the airport
How may I sponsor a sweatshirt
How do I get a Greeter button
May I take a stuffed animal home
Is it permitted to bring dogs to the airport
Is it permitted to pet or interact with war dogs
What is the knitted hat program and how may I become involved
How may I contact someone in charge, make a suggestion or offer an idea
How do I get to the airport
What time should arrive at the airport
Where should I park my car
   How did Pease International Tradeport get its name
What is Heroes Walk
What is Heroes Wall
What is the Hall of Flags
   Is it possible to see pictures that are taken
Is there a send-off ceremony
What is the Care Package Program
Who may represent themselves as a Pease Greeter

  May I give troops food, packages, bags or articles,
How should I conduct myself at the airport

What do I need to do to be a Greeter?
Nothing. No need to sign up, just show up. Pease Greeters are a friendly, welcoming bunch of folks who have one thing in common; they all support the troops. Just walk up to any of the greeters and simply say "hello, I'm new".

  I represent a large group.  Would we be welcome?
Yes, large groups are always welcome.  We have had teachers bring their classes.   Scouting, religious, social, military, fraternal and maternal groups attend as well.  If you are the facilitator of such a group and wish to attend one of the flights, please send us information about your group, via the Contact Us form at, so that we may expect your arrival and give you a warm welcome when your group arrives.

Is this experience family oriented?
Yes, families with children of all ages are welcome to attend.  In fact, this is a wholesome experience for youngsters and the troops really appreciate seeing young people with their homemade signs, smiles and hugs.

What is the newcomers briefing?
Newcomers are welcome to take a walk-a-bout with Pease Greeters director, Chuck Cove or his designate, before the flight.  Chuck will brief newcomers of the events that are about to unfold.  He will also answer questions.  Please try to arrive early if you wish to be a part of the informative briefing.  

How do I know when a flight is arriving?
There are several ways to know when a flight is arriving.  You may visit and click on the (Due to security we are unable to show you this) button.  You may also subscribe to Flight Alert Channel updates here and have Flight Alert sent to your inbox.  Finally, you may call Jan Chetelat at the Hotline (603) 766-0502 for the latest flight information.  Do not attempt to leave a message on the Hotline.  This is a one-way service and messages will not be answered.

What is Flight Alert Channel and how do I subscribe? (No longer available)
Flights are military chartered aircraft and are subject to change with very short notice.  Call the Hotline at (603) 766-0502 before leaving for the airport.

What if I change my eMail address.  How do I change Flight Alert?
If you have changed your email address, you must unsubscribe from a previously sent email to that address, then reregister at our site with your new address.  The unsubscribe button is at the very bottom of the email.

May I forward my Flight Alerts to my friends?
If you wish to forward Flight Alert, please use the Forward This eMail To A Friend link at the bottom of the email.  Do NOT use the forward button in your email program.  Those who are using the forward button in the email program may be unsubscribed from the mail list if someone receiving the forward chooses the unsubscribe feature.  This anomaly has been discussed with the company providing Flight Alert and no solution presently exists to avoid this issue.

If you receive a forward of Flight Alert from a friend, do NOT use the unsubscribe feature at the bottom of the Alert.  Because you are not a member of the mail list this action will unsubscribe the person who forwarded you the Alert.  Instead, write to that person and ask them not to send you any further Alerts and ask them to read this message.  For more information write to with Forwarding Flight Alert in the subject heading.

My Flight Alert messages are not reaching my inbox.  What can I do?
Our Flight Alert Channel provider, Constant Contact, is experiencing problems with mail delivery.  The issue is complex and deserves all of our attention.  Several of you, over the past few weeks, may have noticed your Flight Alert being delivered late, up to several days late.  Others are not receiving their Alerts at all.

Some ISPs (Internet Service Providers) are blocking Constant Contact mail of which Flight Alert Channel notices are a part.  According to Yvonne at Constant Contact, the primary offenders are AOL, Comcast and some Road Runner customers.  If your ISP is one of these, or you suspect that you are having mail delivery problems there are two FAQs that you should read.

FAQ 1: How do I whitelist Constant Contact in my local security program?
FAQ 2: What should I do if my contact's ISP is blocking Constant Contact mail?

If, after reading these FAQs, contacting your ISP tech support and have exhausted your options please write to the Webmaster at with Flight Alert Blocking in the subject header.

We all know the importance of accurate and timely schedule information.  You have come to trust and rely upon Flight Alert Channel for this very reason, to get accurate information on time.  Our goal is to see that each and every one of you receive your Flight Alerts in a timely manner.

Do I need to bring anything to the airport?
It isn't necessary to bring anything to a flight other than yourself.  Some people like to bring baked goods such as cookies etc.  Some people bring handmade signs or some expression of gratitude.  If in doubt, ask a Greeter.

How do I make a donation to the Pease Greeters Fund?
Each flight may cost the Pease Greeter Fund over $600 to provide coffee, donuts and pizza to the troops.  The Pease Greeters Fund takes private and corporate donations.  Please go HERE to make your donation.  The small donor is the backbone of this effort.  Please consider becoming a Pease Greeter benefactor.

I represent a business or corporation, how may I offer my company's services?
The Pease Greeters have many corporate sponsors.  If you would like to discuss your offer of service please contact us HERE for instructions on how to make your donation.  Your company could take its place alongside well known companies like Lindt Chocolate, Whaleback Systems, Friendly's, Green Mountain Coffee, Keurig Coffee Maker and others.

When is it appropriate to enjoy the refreshments at the airport?
Feeding the troops is our first priority.  They eat first.  So please allow them to enjoy the refreshments first.  Once the troops are called to the airport's upper Concourse then the Greeters may take whatever is left over until it is gone.  The Keurig Coffee bar is always open to the Greeters and sometimes, fellow Greeters will bring in cookies or pastries for the Greeters to enjoy.

How may I sponsor a sweatshirt?
As you enter the main terminal building you will notice a line of Greeters signing a Pease Greeter sweatshirt.  This shirt, like the one given to President George W. Bush, is presented to the flight commander at the send-off ceremony.  Be sure to sign the shirt as you enter.  You may be a presenter of the shirt for a small donation.  Please see Ray Jellison for information about how you may sponsor a sweatshirt.

How do I get a Greeter button?
Greeter buttons are available, free of charge, as you enter the terminal building right next to the sweatshirt table.  The buttons, designed by Ray Jellison, are for you to take and to wear.  It would not be inappropriate to offer Ray a nominal donation for the buttons but it's not necessary.  Also, be sure to check out tee-shirts and sweatshirts for sale.  Show your Greeter pride by wearing a shirt and a button.

May I take a stuffed animal home?
No, it is never appropriate to take home a stuffed animal.  These are for the returning troops, their children and loved ones.  The Pease Greeters welcome donations of stuffed animals so if you have these items and wish to make a gift of them, please bring them to the airport.  They must be new and unused.

Is it permitted to bring dogs to the airport?
Yes.  Dogs are welcome as long as they are social and well behaved.  They must be leashed at all times and under the control of the owner.  Always walk your dog before bring them into the terminal building.  If you must walk your dog at the airport be sure to pick up after them.

Is it permitted to pet or interact with war dogs?
Never.  On rare occasions, war dogs come through the airport.  Military canines are trained for security, bomb sniffing, drug interdiction and attack dogs.  Parents, please instruct you children not to attempt interaction with the dogs.  They are not pets and should not be regarded as such.  Give them and their handlers a wide berth.

What is the knitted hat program and how may I become involved?

We have had such an amazing response to the KNIT HAT program, and we are so proud of all of you for the many, many hours you have put into making the hats.

We have had several Newspaper articles and also and Article in AARP about our knit hat program, and it has been an overwhelming success, and we have received hats from all over the USA.  Thanks to all of you for your knitting and crocheting.

We are now in urgent need of knitted hats.

How may I contact someone in charge, make a suggestion or offer an idea?
If you wish to make a comment, have a suggestion or have an idea feel free to go our contact page and fill out the form.  You may write to the Greeters at: Pease Greeters, PO Box 22311, Portsmouth, NH 03802-2311.  You may call the Pease Greeters at (603) 828-6444.  This is not the Hotline number.  When calling the Hotline, please do not leave a message as messages will not be answered at the Hotline.

  How do I get to the airport?
Portsmouth International Airport is located in Portsmouth, NH at the Pease International Tradeport.  The terminal is the large building directly to the left of Airport Management located at 36 Airline Avenue, Portsmouth, NH 03801.  Enter Pease International Tradeport from Rt. 16.  Continue on Pease Blvd. straight through the traffic lights.  At the stop sign, turn left onto New Hampshire, Ave.  Turn right onto Exeter St.  You will see the airport terminal sign.  Continue on Exeter, St. until you come to the airport terminal parking lot.  The main terminal is the large building directly ahead.  GPS coordinates use 36 Airline Ave., Portsmouth, NH.  Once at this location, look to your left for the large terminal building.

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What time should arrive at the airport?
Many Greeters arrive at the airport about an hour before the flight.  Plan on arriving at least a half hour before flight time.

Where should I park my car?
You may park in the terminal parking lot in designation spaces.  Do not park in reserved spaces clearly marked for Customs.  If you park in any one of the Custom parking spots your vehicle is subject to be towed.  You may also park in front of the Airport Management Office at 36 Airline Ave.  You may also park in the overflow parking lot to the left of Exeter, St. as you approach the terminal.  Look for overflow parking signs.  Parking on Exeter St. is strictly forbidden.  Vehicles parked on Exeter St. are subject to being towed.

How did Pease International Tradeport get its name?
Officially active since January 1, 1956, Portsmouth AFB (as it was known then) was formally opened June 30 of that same year. On September 7, 1957 the Air Force dedicated and renamed the base, Pease AFB,  in honor of Captain Harl Pease, Jr., a native of Plymouth, New Hampshire. Captain Pease had posthumously earned the Congressional Medal of Honor for his extraordinary heroism as a B17 pilot during a bombing raid against the Japanese in Rabaul, New Britain, in August of 1942.  When the base was closed the tradeport renamed the airport Portsmouth International Airport at Pease.
More about Pease International Tradeport.

What is Heroes Walk?
Heroes Walk is the ramped corridor between the upper and lower concourse of the terminal building where the troops pass through on their way to the reception located in the lower concourse. Pease Greeters line the two walls of Heroes Walk, forming a gauntlet, and greet the troops as they pass through.  Troops being deployed overseas will enter Heroes Walk immediately after being greeted by airport authorities and receiving a short briefing.

What is Heroes Wall?
Heroes Wall lines Heroes Walk and is the showcase of the airport.  The wall is home to framed, 8x10, color photos of the group of each troop flight that has passed through the airport since 2005.  Below the photos are name tags identifying the flight, shoulder patches, challenge coins, medallions and other identifying artifacts associated with the troops.  A nearby stand supports a catalog of photos for easy reference.

What is the Hall of Flags?
When troop flights return from overseas and the passengers and crew clear US Customs, the troops are escorted, by airport officials, to the reception area via the Hall of Flags.  The hall gets its name from the many flags that are displayed on the walls, each of significant importance to the purpose of the Greeters.  The jewel in the crown is suspended from the ceiling encased in a clear, protective case  . . the 48 star US flag that first flew over Guadalcanal in August, 1942 and hung in honor of the Marines who died on the beach at Guadalcanal.

I see a lot of photos being taken.  Is it possible to see some of these pictures?
Yes. Photos are taken by official photographers and sent to the troops.  .  Greeters are invited to bring their video and snapshot cameras and take as many photos as they wish.

Is there a send-off ceremony?
Yes.  Before the troops board the aircraft a brief ceremony is conducted that includes an invocation from the Chaplain, the presentation of the colors, the singing of the National Anthem, a presentation of phone cards, presentation of stars cut from the field of retired US flags, presentation of a sweatshirt to the commander and brief remarks from the Officer of the Day.  The troops are sent off with a salute by the Greeter Veterans.  Please be sure not to miss this event.

What is the Care Package Program?
In the combat theaters of the Middle East our troops can not always get to the PX.  Pease Greeters send care packages, of sundry items, to our troops that include personal care products, food snacks and more.  If you would like to donate these items please contact JoAnne Schottler at and she and the volunteers will see to it that our troops get the love and support they so richly deserve.  If you should bring your donated items to the airport, for security reason, do not bring them into the terminal but rather place them in the back of JoAnne's burgundy Isuzu SUV located prominently in the parking lot.  To download a printable list of items go here.  If you would like to sponsor a care package then the Sponsor A Box program may be for you.  $13.50 will pay the postage of a care package.  Included in the package is your name, address and email address.  Expect to receive a big thank you from the troops who receive your package.

Who may represent themselves as a Pease Greeter?
No one may use the Pease Greeters' name, or the organization, to take on and fund projects, advance personal agendas of their own undertaking, provide services, or curry favor with companies, organizations and any other entities without first submitting their idea(s), or proposal(s) to the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Pease Greeters in writing.

The Chairman will bring such items before the Board of Directors at the next scheduled Board of Directors Meeting. The Board Meets monthly on the last Tuesday of the month. The Board will consider and vote approval on ideas, proposals and items submitted that are deemed appropriate and within the scope of Pease Greeter functions that support the troops.

The Pease Greeters Organization will no longer support and fund proposals, ideas, purchased items, or trips that have not been sanctioned by the Board of Directors in advance. There will be no exceptions.

May I give our troops food, packages, bags or articles?
To fulfill security and safety requirements, FAA regulations demand that troop passengers boarding aircraft must not carry onboard an aircraft any package, bag or article that has not been personally packed by the troop passenger.  Only those items distributed by the Pease Greeters Fund, Inc. and its representatives and approved by airport management may be given to the troops to carry onboard an aircraft.  If you wish to give troops items mentioned in this question you must first secure permission from airport management.  If you bring food for the troops you must not give them your gift personally but rather, bring your food donation to the hospitality suite and give it to one of the Greeter volunteers who staff the coffee table.

How should I conduct myself at the airport?

  • We are the guests of the PDA, govern yourselves accordingly.
  • You may park your cars in the lot, but NOT IN RESERVED SPACES.  Parking on Exeter St. is strictly forbidden.  Vehicles parked on Exeter St. are subject to being towed.
  • Use common sense and politeness at all times in dealing with the troops, fellow Greeters and visitors.
  • Welcome new Greeters; make them feel at home, invite them to the orientation program.
  • Dress appropriately, leave sloganeering for other occasions.
  • Do not cause delays in the passage of troops to or from the hospitality area.
  • When leaders are talking, give them your attention.
  • Respect others during prayers for our troops.
  • People “Under the Influence” should stay home.
  • Weapons of any kind may NOT be carried by Greeters in the terminal.
  • No running in the terminal.
  • Children should be under strict control by parents.
  • Pets should be leashed and under full control by the owners.
  • War Dogs should be left alone, not approached nor petted by Greeters.
  • Always walk your pets before entering the terminal.
  • Food is for the troops. They eat first, then Greeters may participate.  The Keurig coffee, tea and hot chocolate bar is always open to Greeters.
  • Stuffed animals are exclusively for the returning troops and their loved ones.
  • Should you observe unsafe or unacceptable behavior, report it immediately to a Director.
  • If you have questions, comments, complaints take them to a Director of the Board rather than creating potentially disturbing conversations on the floor.

The Board of Director's have developed the list of rules above that best address the mission of the Pease Greeters, namely to provide our troops with a warm, friendly, safe and happy visit to our airport.

These rules are propagated so that as many Pease Greeters may be made aware of the goal of the directors, that is, to make certain that by following these rules we will provide a safe and happy experience as we welcome our troops.

Whether you are a well experienced Greeter or one of our newest Greeter friends please take a moment to read these rules and become familiar with their meaning.  Also, as you meet new Greeters at the airport, please tell them of the existence of these rules so that they might become familiar with them.  The more closely we all work together on this purpose the better served our troops and Greeters will be..


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