Letters of Appreciation
Every flight counts. Read the letters from soldiers and families who have been touched by the Greeters

Care Packages make a difference!

Hi Greeters,
Just wanted to show you we made good use of the pumpkin you sent us … it’s hanging on our door and the first thing people see when they walk in (smile). It’s a way for us to brag about the Pease Greeters and all the great things you do for the troops!

Superintendent, 379 AEW/PA


Good afternoon.

I was fortunate enough to be a member of the 449th Theater Aviation Brigade (Army), which redeployed through Pease on 2 September, 2009. I still cannot adequately express my gratitude to everyone who saw us come through those doors. It was overwhelming when the doors opened and the greeters were there to welcome us.

I have a request, if you don’t mind. I was presented with a star from an American flag that can no longer be flown. Would it be possible for your organization to send me another one. I will gladly pay for any postage. With tomorrow being Veteran’s Day, I gave mine to a World War II veteran who is taking a bus trip from Raleigh, NC to Washington, DC. I feel that this star will be held in safe keeping with him as he is who I would call a true American Hero. My duties in Iraq pale in comparison to what this generation saw.

If possible, please send the star, complete with the poem to:SFC Ken Colvin

Hi Greeters,

Thank you very much for your hospitality. Your organization really boost our morale. I've never seen such thing until we passed by your area. The Marine and Sailors from 7th Marines really appreciate what you did yeterday.
Thank you very much.

Very respectfully,
Chief Jerry Juan
7th Marine regiment Independent Duty Corpsman

My unit returned home to your wonderful reception on Sep 24th, 261st Tactical Theater Signal Brigade,

We will forever be grateful for the warm reception and a real demonstration of what America is all about. I hope to make a trip to your area in the near future and look forward to visiting you all and seeing our unit picture on the wall.

thanks again
CW5 John Turner

Thanks so much for supporting the military. It's means alot to me and my Soldiers when I receive a package in the mail and I'm able to provide them with the items you sent. Your package can in the nick of time, because we just can back from a mission and some Soldiers didn't have any mail. Well, when I saw my package from you. I know it was going to make my Soldiers day. Even if it was just for the moment. So, thanks once again and keep up the good work,

SSG Lockwood

volleyball iraqJuly 22, 2009

First and Foremost a BIG thanks to all the Pease Greeters! About 3 weeks ago I arrived at Bagram AB, Afghanistan for the second time in a
year and a half and on both occasions I have had the HONOR to pass
through your community and meet the Pease Greeters. I cannot express
enough how much we (the military members) appreciate what you do for us.
Everyone was so friendly and so generous! Thank you for taking time out
of your busy schedules to come and see us coming from or going to our
deployed location. As we departed, our "troop commander" was given a book about the Pease Greeters and let us look at it on the plane. I have to say that is an
awesome publication! As we departed the US, I read that book and I
couldn't stop crying- the stories were so touching. I am wondering if
there is a way that I can buy a copy of that for myself. If so, could
you email me back letting me know how much and where to send the money?
I really appreciate you all and I hope that we will have the HONOR of
coming back through there and see you all again!
Thank you so much for your time! GOD BLESS YOU ALL AND GOD BLESS

!V/R,Geri L. Finn, TSgt, USAF
Emergency Department
Bagram Airbase, Afghanistan
Task Force Med
APO, AE 09354
DSN: 318-431-3207

I want to thank you from all the Marines and Sailors from Combat Logistics Battalion - 1 for your incredible greeting and ceremony you put on for us the other night during our journey to Afghanistan. We are still on our way - we are in Kyrgyzstan now but will leave shortly for Afghanistan..
Your kindness and warmth will always be remembered. Our families were also very blessed to hear of the kind welcome in beautiful New Hampshire.

Chaplain Brown

Hello there,
my name is SGT Conrad Hunter Jr. I must say that was the biggest welcome home I have ever had in my 3 deployments. I am so greatly appreciated for that. MY FLIGHT DATE WAS : 10/2/09
Once again thank you for everything. Have a wonderful and blessed remaining year.
Your friend,
SGT Conrad Hunter Jr.


I would just like to say thank you to you and your family and friends....The packages were always a welcomed sight and warm gesture. I assure you that i made sure the soldiers, sailors and airmen that did not have the opportunity from home, received this morale boost from all of you. The faces would light up and spirits would rise. Our year deployment is almost done, and we did our best..unfortunately not all of us are coming home together. I wanted to extend the sincere appreciation from all of us here at Camp Eggers- Afghanistan- Log ETT for your unwavering support and generosity. I hope this finds you and all your loved ones in good health and deserved happiness. Please extend this thank you to all who are doing this, its Americans like you and fellow pease greeters that allow us peace of mind, warm thoughts of home, spend that extra 5 minutes doing the right thing and fight that much harder. I thank you from my heart and hopefully get to thank you all personally if ever given the chance.God bless.
Jason Walter

I was fortunate enough to be welcomed home from Iraq by the great people of Portsmouth, New Hampshire. In less than an hour I felt as though I had been a part of the Portsmouth community my entire life. Thank you all for the great things that you do for the returning Troops. Your effort and sacrifice is truly appreciated. Respectfully request a copy of the photo CD for flight date 9/14/09. Brett KarkheckThanks again.Very Respectfully,WO1 Brett KarkheckHHC 56 SBCTPhiladelphia, PA
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